Adventures with 1.5 watts

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today my friends Mike W9ODX and Garry KA9ZYL visited in the evening to play with some QRP.  We set up the Elecraft K2 in my back yard and the buddistick antenna.  Mike wanted to see how the buddistick worked.  I set up on 20 meters and we listened a little.  I then answered a station and talked with Andy AB1BX in Warren, RI.  I was set at less than 2 watts.  Andy was running a little more at 100 watts.  We had a couple rounds and then we said  goodby.  
Warren, RI is a very old town.  It was established in the early 17th century.  In the 18th century it was a prosperous wailing port and ship building was a good industry for it.  As wailing declined Warren moved toward textile manufacturing.  I must say with the history of Warren it would be fantastic to visit some of it’s historic buildings and take a look around.  I also would love to try some fresh seafood while there.  I put it on the list of places I want to visit!   

For this QSO I used my cheap, cruddy, tarnished, but trusty Ameco straight key.  It has been awhile since I pounded brass with it but it strangely felt good.  The simple action of a straight key is a nice change to a paddle or even a bug.  It’s nice and simple.  After the QSO I tried to get Mike to try the straight key.  He sent a couple CQ’s but he was having none of it.  We moved on to the Vibroplex Vibrokeyer.  I really like that key too.  I have not had that many paddles, but the Vibrokeyer has been my favorite.  It’s even on my SW+ QSL card.  Mike made a couple 40 meter QSO’s and we listened to a couple stations sending.   It was so humid that by the time the sun set the fog started rolling in and before long it was time Mike and Garry to say 73 to my QTH and head back home.  What a fun evening!

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  1. Seemed like a very nice outing I have not used a straight key or the vibroplex I am just a bug man. (Begali signature) Very nice shot of the K2 I have built 2 and sold them both. Very nice post about a cool CW outing.